The Makers

Tris Le - Founder

Originally lived in Saigon until his 21st, Tris Le has nurtured a perdurable connection with this lively city. Born with an extra portion of stubbornness in his blood, he never gives up until conquering what he wants despite all obstacles and challenges. Tris loves technology and entrepreneurship and is the only developer of WoohooSaigon. He eats a lot and possesses an ability to make somebody mad in a minute, what a guy!

Lennie Lam - Co-Founder

Lennie Lam has an enduring interest and enthusiasm in digital marketing and event planning. To her, creativity is of great significance in every aspect of life, whether it is demonstrated in her hobbies, study, or work. Her (current) plan after graduation is to make a happy living doing what she loves. Hopefully she’ll get to meet and mingle with like-minded people and successful entrepreneurs from all over the world.