We are here for Saigon Startups!

We know that the startup scene in Saigon is growing with a pace of a rocket (because we’re part of it!), so it’s not uncommon to have like 3 or 4 meetings in a day if you’re a busy entrepreneur or a passionate tech founder. That’s how WoohooSaigon would come in handy.

We proudly offer you a solution for choosing a venue. Make sure you follow these steps:

1. Decide which district you and your partner would like the meeting to be at.

2. Go to WoohooSaigon.com and shuffle for a venue within that district. You may not like the first result/destination, don’t worry, just click Shuffle Again, so trouble-free isn’t it? #Alo: most of the people we know who tried this before, often chose the first destination they got from the shuffle.

3. Tell your partner the location, there’s a map integrated for the sake of easy finding the place and bingo! Happy meeting! #Alo: we’re going to build a function for you to schedule the meeting right on the destination page, then share it to your partner straight away. Sweet enough? Stay tuned!

Alright, we know most of you, by default, would prefer The Coffee Beans at Metropolitan Tower for  your meetups (some people say it is a business hub?). But if you’ve ever been there, you know how crowded and tiny the space is (#fact #yuck).

So no more trouble, just let WoohooSaigon decides it for you, in a fun way.

Proud to be Dedicated for Saigon Startups

Discover the best experience in Saigon

Hi all true Saigonese and international friends, have you ever feel tired or bored of jumping all over the Internet to seek out your ideal destination tonight? You really need a break; the whole point is to have fun anyway, so why don’t you try this out?

Here comes the part where we’re so excited to introduce our website WoohooSaigon.com. Designed with a totally fresh innovative look and user-friendly navigation, updated with 150-ish destinations including cafes, bars and clubs, our cool system will assist you in deciding where to go in just a minute.

Why WoohooSaigon is awesome for you?

Discover the best experience in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

Whether you’re a Saigonese, expat or tourist, hanging out at cafes/bars/clubs is always an essential part of your journey and life in this lively city. Find nowhere else, let us deliver that great experience to you.

Get to know the best cafe spots, bars and clubs

You’ll be amazed by the huge number of cafes, bars and clubs out there in Saigon (even the not-so-very-good ones). We bet you don’t wanna be bombarded with the never ending list of cafes/bars/clubs, right? WoohooSaigon may just be for you as we only recommend the best ones.

Quickly make a decision as where to go in Saigon

Once entering the site, all you have to do is to select your preferred district and budget capability, then click “Shuffle”, and…BOOM…a random destination will appear. Feel like “Err… probably another one?” Why not? Just shuffle again until you find the one!

For Saigon-based startup guys and young passionate entrepreneurs

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So yeah, have fun ‘Shuffling’ and discover the best experience in Saigon!

PS: We can’t wait for your feedback and recommendations for further improvement.

PPS: Are you a Facebook addict? Why not join us at http://www.facebook.com/woohoosaigon?